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The Informer is our bi-monthly newsletter that includes information about IMWCA as well as timely topics of general interest, including safety and health.

If you have an article suggestion or training that would be valuable to our members, contact us and let us know.


Featured Informer Articles

Ice Skating Rink SafetyBoard Member Highlight: Adam Grier
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness MonthLung Cancer Awareness Month
The Dangers of Sleep DeprivationMember Highlight: City of Milford
Pregnancy Fairness ActNational Hearing Protection Month
Time To Check Snow Removal EquipmentBoard Member Highlight: Katy Flint
Member Highlight: BettendorfHarvest Time: Beware of Slow-Moving Vehicles
IMWCA Slip-Resistant Footwear Grant AvailableBoard Member Highlight: Rhonda R. Deters
What Happens When an Injured Worker Retains an AttorneyProtecting Yourself From Rabies
Employee Assistance ProgramMember Highlight: City of Perry
Management Buy-In: Do You Have It?Board Member Highlight: Kelly J. Hayworth
Ending Seasonal EmploymentPharmacy Benefits Manager
Reporting a ClaimAugust Driving Reminders
Remember to Check Your Safety Programs and DevicesThe Importance of Hydration
Safety Coordinator Mentor ProgramHeat Illness Prevention Plan
Personal Protection Equipment – Are you ready for the job?Benefits of a Return to Work Plan
5 Tips for Safe DrivingMember Highlight: Hancock County
Plants and Insects: What to AvoidTurning Up the Heat
Fireworks Safety and Proper DisposalJob Hazard Analysis
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