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IMWCA is committed to providing a competitive workers’ compensation program for cities, counties and other governmental entities through administrative, safety and risk and technical services. As a self-insured risk pool, we were created for our members and controlled by our members. Our underwriting analyst is here to help with your workers’ compensation.



IMWCA has over 40 years of experience providing cities, counties, and 28E entities the right coverage to protect their most important asset: the employee.


If you are an IMWCA agent, experience our new website through an agent’s journey, same content but tailored for your needs.

Underwriting Staff

At IMWCA, I focus on all things policy: renewals, audits, payroll, certificates of insurance, applications, coverages, volunteers and even Member Portal usernames and passwords.

Andrew Justice, CPCU, MBA, AIC, ARM-P, AU, CLCS
Underwriting Manager