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Pharmacy Benefits Manager

IMWCA partnered with Splashlight Rx to provide pharmacy benefits to injured workers. The program allows injured workers to quickly and easily obtain needed medication without them incurring out of pocket costs.

Splashlight Rx issues pharmacy cards to injured workers who need prescriptions for their work related injury. These pharmacy cards allow the injured employee to fill their prescriptions without worrying about who is supposed to be billed for the medication. In addition, this program ensures the injured employee isn’t paying anything out-of-pocket for the prescription. To accommodate those who need medication on a long-term basis, Splashlight Rx also has a mail order program that conveniently delivers prescriptions to the employee’s home when necessary.

A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) helps control and reduce prescription costs by using their buying power to negotiate better pricing on medication, encouraging the use of generics, engaging with providers and pharmacists on use and duration of medication, and managing high-cost specialty medications.

The Splashlight Solutions team has a long-standing relationship with IMWCA, helping members achieve significant cost savings on medical bills of their injured workers. That relationship and the services provided through their PBM program solidified the decision to partner with Splashlight on this important program.

The Process

When a claim is called into Company Nurse you have the option of receiving a text message containing the information needed to have a prescription filled. Simply show the text to the pharmacy and they will bill the medication through Splashlight Rx.

Alternatively, you may request pharmacy benefits information from your claims examiner.

If pharmacy benefits are assigned, you will then be mailed a prescription card to present to the pharmacist if refills or additional medications are needed.

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