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Payroll Audits Happening

Audits will be performed in July and August by IMWCA’s contracted firm, Information Providers, Inc. (IPI). IPI’s auditors will supply you with a personalized code to access their secure website portal to upload the necessary records to complete the audit. 

Members will receive an email with a list detailing the information needed to complete the audit. Having this information readily available will help the auditor efficiently complete the audit with fewer callbacks to obtain missing information. If you have questions about the audit process please contact me at or (800) 257-2708.

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Stay Cool

With summer in full swing and temps have been reaching some high numbers, we wrote some articles on heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Read some safety tips on staying cool and preventing these illnesses on hot days!

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Safe Driving

Employees operate various vehicles throughout their day-to-day activities. Check out some great articles on seatbelt usage and a sample model policy as well as helpful tips on reducing distracted driving.

Electronic Workers’ Compensation Documents

You can access your workers’ compensation documents electronically by logging into your Member portal. The IMWCA Member portal houses your monthly claims reports, annual payroll worksheets and annual audit documents. Your premium invoices will still arrive via postal mail and you may request paper copies of your renewal documents.

Focus on Junior Firefighters Changes

In response to member requests, IMWCA will begin to cover junior firefighters and cadets as volunteer firefighters on July 1, 2021, for workers’ compensation. This means they will need to meet the volunteer firefighter criteria and they will be counted as a volunteer firefighter for payroll purposes.  Please have your fire chief fill out the junior/cadet firefighters form to provide information about your program.

We are proud to be your partner in helping your employees return home safely. Please contact Andrew with questions at or (800) 257-2708.