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Our Story

IMWCA focuses its efforts at this vital intersection of work, risk, and community in Iowa, working to keep Iowa communities working well. We do this by pooling our members’ resources, our accumulated expertise, and
the best practices of a municipal safety culture to protect
and support civic workers, and to maintain and advance
healthy communities.

Thus, IMWCA exists not just to provide important workers’ compensation coverage for members, though we most certainly do this. IMWCA exists to enable communities to exist and to thrive. This is the heart of our
organizational brand story: working to keep the communities of Iowa working.

Training Videos
After the initial shock of a workplace injury, many people ask, “what next?!” The simple answer: an incident review. Learn about our incident review form.
Do you know when to report a claim to IMWCA? Find out when you should report a workplace injury to Company Nurse, IMWCA’s claims reporting partner.
Do you and your employees have the new Globally Harmonized System pictograms memorized? After all, the new system’s consistent and easily understandable information about the chemical products isn’t useful if you can’t identify the hazards.