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First Responder Program Employee Assistance Program

IMWCA offers a valuable benefit for all of our First Responders, their spouses and their dependents. The First Responder Assistance Program provided by Connections, Inc. is an important problem-solving benefit available to you and your family.

Who Is Covered?

First Responder includes Police Officers, Sheriff, Deputies, Deputies/Jailers, Reserve Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters (volunteer and paid), Ambulance/EMTs (volunteer and paid), Emergency Management and Dispatchers.

Dependents defined as per Federal IRS standards

Contact Connections at (800) 779-6125.

First Responders EAP Video

Access to information and professional assistance for you and your dependents includes three hours of “in-person” assessment and solution planning with a local credentialed professional counselor at no out-of-pocket cost to you is now available. Additionally, first responders and dependents can access the following experts through a variety of communication modes. Phone, email, web and some in-person support include:

  • Legal consultation with an attorney, credentialed in the state of residence.
  • Consultation regarding personal finances by professional consumer credit counselors.
  • Elder or Adult Consult and Care/Find in 50 states.
  • Child Consult and Care/Find.
  • Special Needs Child Consult.
  • Adoption Information and Support Services.
  • Prenatal support.
  • Summer Care Consult/Find.
  • Marriage and Relationship Enrichment Resources.
  • Access to web-based self-help information and assessments.

Connections EAP counselors may recommend various services or treatments beyond the three hours of assessment/solution planning. Costs for treatments beyond those provided by Connections are your responsibility but may be covered in part by your regular insurance benefit.

The service is confidential – Connections Inc. EAP reports only the number of people who use services. NO ONE from IMWCA will be informed of your call or visit unless you specify in writing that an EAP professional contact us.

Different locations for in-person assessment and solution planning are available in your area. Connections Inc. will arrange an appointment at a time and location, convenient and comfortable for you.

The toll-free number is personally answered by trained professionals 24/7 at (800) 779-6125.

Research clearly shows that people are at their best when they are confident they are doing something positive to resolve personal and family stressors. If you or a family member has considered using consultation, counseling, or related support services, but the cost or other unknowns have discouraged you, please make use of this benefit. Personal and family stress is treated most effectively when you do not wait to make the call. Connections Inc. will gladly provide further answers at 1-800-779-6125 or on their website at www.connectionseap.com. Your employer will be able to provide you with the username and password to access this system.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

IMWCA, along with Connections Inc., will also have Critical Incident Stress Debriefing services our members can access. If you need these services, please contact IMWCA for more information.

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