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IMWCA has over 40 years of experience providing cities, counties, and 28E entities the right coverage to protect their most important asset: their employee. Learn more about the coverages IMWCA offers below and talk to your local independent agent to see if IMWCA can help with your insurance needs.

Workers’ Compensation

In addition to covering the cost of medical care, lost wages, and death benefits, IMWCA has a variety of other services to help mitigate the occurrence of injury, disability, or death from workplace hazards.

Chapter 411 Medical-Only

Full-time police officers and firefighters in cities who participate in the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa, the disability retirement system created by Chapter 411 of the Iowa Code, are excluded from the Workers’ Compensation Act provisions. This product is tailored to provide the unique coverage that Iowa’s municipal governments need.

Non-Statutory Volunteer

In Iowa, municipal governments rely on volunteers to supplement their workforce. Any person who is a non-statutory volunteer of an IMWCA member and is not covered by the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Act is eligible for this coverage.

NCCI Codes and Rates

Work of each employee may fall into one or more classification (class) codes, and the rate charged for each code is based on the past loss experience for that type of work.

Application Process

Learn about our application process and the documentation you’ll need to get started.

Interchange of Labor

Many employees perform different types of work each day. Learn how to track an employee’s work across various departments, such as sewer and parks, for the most precise payroll reporting.

Informer Newsletter

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