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Track Your Training

Track your training to assist your organization in maintaining a yearly training schedule. These tools can be curated to fit your needs.

OSHA Training Matrix

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA’s) training-related requirements are noted in this document and are listed by department. These training sessions are required. Please note this matrix may not be a complete list of all the training required or recommended for your organization. Each IMWCA member may encounter additional needs not included here.

Training Tracker Matrix

The training tracker matrix will assist your organization in staying current on required training. The training tracker is categorized by departments to keep a current log for all staff.

Training Workshops

Consistent training is critical to employee safety. Check out our workshops throughout the year. Our workshops focus on providing your employees with resources to keep them working safely.

Training Videos

The Safety Study Grant and Safety Innovation Award programs began in Fiscal Year 2019-2020 to encourage innovative ideas for improving employees safety within the IMWCA membership and to share projects developed and implemented by members to reduce or eliminate significant safety exposures in the workplace.
After the initial shock of a workplace injury, many people ask, “what next?!” The simple answer: an incident review. Learn about our incident review form.
While IMWCA is preparing to renew workers’ compensation policies for members for the coming fiscal year, we work with Information Providers Inc. (IPI) to audit this year’s policy