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Our goal is to help members keep employees safe through education and risk management. IMWCA is a risk-sharing pool committed to partnering with cities, counties and local government entities to provide a high-quality workers’ compensation program.​ IMWCA provides coverage for more than 70,000 governmental employees.

IMWCA by the Numbers

municipal governments belong to IMWCA

Workers Covered
From the Mississippi to the Missouri, IMWCA covers elected officials, employees and volunteers across Iowa.
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Claims Examiners
Our in-house examiners all live and work in Iowa and focus exclusively on IMWCA claims.
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Field representatives
Four safety and risk improvement advisers, a marketing representative and a human resources and management adviser round out the staff traveling the state to assist our members.
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Get in Touch with us

IMWCA has a full in-house team to help with your workers’ compensation needs. From claims to human resources and safety and risk, we are here to assist with any workers’ compensation question.

Coverage & Services

Our primary coverage is workers’ compensation. Once a member has workers’ compensation coverage through IMWCA, they may purchase our Chapter 411 Medical Only coverage or our non-statutory volunteer coverage.

The Team

Our staff, employees of the Iowa League of Cities, are very familiar with government operations and understand the inherent risks of the jobs performed by local government employees.

IMWCA focuses its efforts at this vital intersection of work, risk, and community in Iowa, working to keep Iowa communities working well. We do this by pooling our members’ resources, our accumulated expertise, and
the best practices of a municipal safety culture to protect and support civic workers, and to maintain and advance healthy communities.


Being financially stable is critical to ensure our members know we will be there for them when needed. As a public sector risk-sharing pool, our organization operates under the same accounting and investment laws and regulations as our members. We are audited annually by an independent auditor and have received the Government Finance Officers Association award each year since 1990.

Board Members

We are governed by a nine-member board of trustees, all currently serving elected and appointed officials elected by the membership. As a self-insured risk pool, we were created for our members and are managed by our members.