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Audit Process

​The payroll audit is conducted by Information Providers Inc (IPI) after the end of each coverage year to ensure that the appropriate amount of premium is collected for the exposure, which is measured by the amount of payroll. Each member will be required to provide the auditors with the necessary information to complete the premium audit. Retaining and providing these records is a requirement of coverage with IMWCA.

Audit Timeline

Who is IPI?

Information Providers Inc (IPI) works with IMWCA to conduct the workers’ compensation premium audits on an annual basis. IPI has been a leading provider of premium audit information services, serving insurance companies throughout the nation. IPI’s field analysts and auditors are continually retrained and reviewed for proficiency in order to ensure that standards for this very critical insurance operation remain at their highest.

IMWCA Payroll Audit Process – At the same time IMWCA is preparing to renew workers’ compensation policies for members for the coming fiscal year, IMWCA is also beginning to work with Information Providers Inc. (IPI) to audit this year’s policy. Learn more about the payroll audit process, which begins each May.

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