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Study and Implementation Grant

The Safety Study Grant and Safety Implementation programs seek to encourage innovative ideas for improving employees’ safety within the IMWCA membership and to share projects developed and implemented by members to reduce or eliminate significant safety exposures in the workplace. The programs also demonstrate that those involved with local government are progressive, caring, and committed to their employees.

safety grant

Safety Study Grant

The Study Grant supports projects that can greatly reduce or eliminate injuries in the workplace. Emphasis will be placed on funding projects that are highly reproducible within the IMWCA membership.

Safety Implementation Grant

This grant will be presented to members that would implement a proven study and allow members to receive funding for safety gear.

Grant Timeline

Each project is eligible for one award per application period.

Past Winners

Safety Study Grant Winners

Organization Year Presentation
SHIELD 2020 See Report
Marion County 2020
Palo Alto County 2020

Safety Study Innovation Winners

Organization Year Presentation
Johnson County 2020