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A personalized service strategy is the hallmark of our safety and risk improvement philosophy.

We help our members cultivate a culture that enables all to work effectively, get home safe, regain their health and get back to work if hurt. It’s an approach rooted in a commitment to community and keeping workers safe.

About Our Team

Sending all employees home safe is our ultimate goal. We can help you meet that goal. We have over 70 years of combined experience in local government and workplace safety. Our advisers have backgrounds in city and county management, emergency services, solid waste and public works.

Our powerful motivation is to keep everyone safe, productive and fulfilled in their civic jobs in order that all may contribute to keeping their community working well. We are, therefore, moved to prevent injuries from happening. In cases where injuries occur, IMWCA provides compensation, but also importantly places emphasis on getting people back to work as soon as they are able, even if it is light-duty or different responsibilities.

Our team can assist with:

  • Site visits
  • Training
  • Safety Committee implementation
  • Manuals
  • Additional resources
  • Iowa OSHA regulations

Safety & Risk Improvement Staff

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Bill Dickey, Dean Schade, Scott Smith, Staci Griffin
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We have over 70 years of combined experience.

Dean Schade, MPA, ARM
Safety and Risk Improvement Manager
Scott A. Smith, MPA, CSP
Senior Safety and Risk Improvement Adviser
Staci Griffin
Safety and Risk Improvement Adviser
Bill Dickey
Safety and Risk Improvement Adviser