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Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2024
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With the advancements in battery-operated tools, the use of mixed gas power tools is starting to decline. The new battery-powered tools are an improvement in safety as well as performance for several reasons.

  • Anyone who has pulled on the starter cord of a mixed gas weed eater or chainsaw has probably experienced frustration with trying to get these temperamental tools to start and keep running. Sometimes that frustration can turn into physical pain when the cord either snaps or draws back suddenly into the flywheel and causes a shoulder or lower arm injury. The battery-powered tools are a plug-and-go process that almost guarantees the tools will start and run immediately without the risk of strains.
  • Battery-powered tools are quieter and may reduce the hearing protection required for a task.
  • Battery-powered tools eliminate the need to transport mixed gas to fill on-site tools. They also reduce the potential of flash ignition while fueling hot equipment. While disposing of old lithium-ion batteries has some safety concerns, they are manageable to address.

As you look to replace gas-powered tools IMWCA highly recommends that our members consider upgrading to battery-powered tools as a safety enhancement.

Our annual IMWCA University offers training on a broad range of topics aimed directly at Iowa’s local government employees: safety coordinators, managers, municipal staff, elected officials, and agents.

Topic Overview:

Wednesday, April 24 
Space is limited, so pre-registration is required

  • Grimes Public Works/Park Facility Tour
  • Active Shooter Drill Urbandale City Hall

Thursday, April 25

  • Opening General Session: The Power of Leadership
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Changing the Narrative
    • Claims 101
  • Round Table Options
    • Underwriting
    • When & Why/How to Set-Up Pre-Employment Physicals
    • Making Safety Committee Meeting and Incident Reviews an Effective Use of Time
    • Safety & Risk
    • LEARN Training Solutions
  • Closing General Session: Seatbelts Save Lives if You Give Them a Chance!

Businessman / Accountant Is Doing Calculations. Tax Season
  • Providing accurate payroll information helps ensure that the estimated premium is as accurate as possible.
  • The worksheet lists estimated payrolls for 2024-2025, which were determined by increasing the 2022-2023 audited payrolls by 3% for most members.
  • For new IMWCA members, the pre-audit 2023-2024 estimated figures were used for the worksheet.
  • Please review and update the numbers as needed by Monday, April 1.
  • If no updates are made by April 1, the auto-increased payroll amounts will be used for your July 1 renewal. Additional information on the IMWCA renewal process is available online.

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