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Informer | January #1

Posted on Tuesday, January 02, 2024
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As a new year begins, it is a time for reflection and the setting of goals for various aspects of our lives. The IMWCA safety and risk improvement team suggests that this also applies to our members with safety committees.

Setting annual goals will guide the committee and allow the safety committee to measure progress throughout the year. Setting goals keeps efforts focused and helps avoid complacency. It is recommended that the Committee hold dedicated meetings to set goals. During this meeting, the committee can review the prior year’s efforts to highlight successes as well as identify needs for the coming year.

Goal-setting topics should consider the following:

  • Safety Training:
    Determine safety training topics for all departments. Develop employee safety training schedule, what frequency – monthly, quarterly, etc.? Will training be on-site, off-site or remote learning?
  • Written Safety Programs:
    Review/update written safety programs on a planned schedule.
    Schedule a review of the member’s general safety manual.
  • Incident Reporting:
    Review promptness of employees reporting to supervisors and Company Nurse.
  • Incident Review Process for Safety Committee:
    Review procedure, set timeliness of review expectations, and review format of reports and recommendations. Set expectations for the implementation of recommendations.
  • Safety Self-Audits:
    Set schedule for audits of facilities.
  • Review of member’s Designated Provider:
    Identify any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Employee Recognition and Appreciation:
    Consider ways to demonstrate appreciation for the efforts of employees to improve safety. This can be for individuals as well as for the employees as a whole team.
  • Newsletter:
    For those members who publish a safety newsletter, this is an ideal time to discuss goals for the newsletter and develop a schedule of articles.

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A reminder for LEARN users that there will be two webinars in January for administrators. These webinars are conducted by Connie Beavers of NeoGov. Each webinar is sixty minutes in duration.

The scheduled sessions are:
Learn Basics for Administrators | January 16 at 10 a.m.
Learn Beyond the Basics for Administrators | January 23 at 10 a.m.

To enroll in these webinars please click on those you wish to attend.

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Reminder: OSHA Reporting

OSHA recordkeeping requires any employers with 11 or more employees to track reportable injuries annually. LEARN MORE.

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Thank You For Your Service

IMWCA would like to congratulate Rhonda R. Deters, former Grundy County Auditor, on her recent retirement. Rhonda served on the IMWCA board for three years and her dedicated service will be missed. We’re looking for new board members! If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please reach out.


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