Safety Implementation Grant

With the success of the SHIELD Slip and Fall prevention program, several members have inquired about funding for slip-resistant footwear. To help other members achieve the same level of success with this significant exposure. IMWCA has revised our safety innovation grant to become the Safety Study Implementation grant. The Safety Study Implementation grant will allow members to apply for funding to implement successful safety studies in their organizations. Each grant application is capped at $10,000.

If implementation grants are for slip-resistant footwear, the following shall apply:

  • Members must agree to adopt footwear into their PPE policy and submit a copy before the request has been granted. Members will also need to agree to provide employees with slip and fall prevention training in October and late March. Documentation of the training will need to be provided to IMWCA along with a status report. Sample model training program.
  • Members can submit their invoices immediately to IMWCA for processing. IMWCA will remit reimbursement to members before the 30-day billing cycle.
  • The IMWCA grant will fund one pair of slip-resistant footwear per employee. Volunteer firefighters, EMTs, and reserve police officers will qualify. Summer seasonal employees are not eligible.
  • If implementation grants are used to implement other studies, IMWCA staff will work with the applicant to develop usage criteria.
  • A member can use the grant once to fund an implementation project.  
Entry Deadline

Applications are evaluated as they are submitted, with money and awards presented throughout the year. In other words, submit your application early for the best chance at being recognized.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted using the application form.


Contact Dean Schade at (515) 657-2899 or