Safety Study Grant

Each project is eligible for either a Safety Study Grant or the Safety Implementation Award per application period.

A grant of up to $10,000 is available for IMWCA members, with a total of $90,000 available. Safety Study Grant money may not be used to pay for general safety training or equipment purchased before the application is submitted.

IMWCA Safety Study Grant and Innovation Award Explainer Video

The Safety Study Grant supports projects that can greatly reduce or eliminate injuries in the workplace. Emphasis will be placed on funding projects that are highly reproducible within the IMWCA membership. Some examples of projects include:

  • Develop and implement a pilot project for train-the-trainer program for stretching during work hours
  • Develop and implement a pilot project for a department to test use Grips footwear (law enforcement and public health).
  • Develop and implement an emergency medical technician train-the-trainer program for lifting.
  • Develop internal Post-traumatic stress disorder prevention training for public safety departments.
  • Develop and implement tools or procedures to greatly reduce or eliminate back, shoulder and knee injuries in the workplace

IMWCA will not approve grants for general safety training contracts, weapons or standard safety equipment, such as general personal protective equipment, machine guards or equipment currently required by Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Examples of ineligible expenses:

  • Vehicles, including cars and trucks.
  • Weaponry, including tasers.
  • Any protective equipment, supplies, training, or materials required through existing regulation such as standard machine guarding or personal protective equipment.

Please submit only the application form completed as clearly and completely as possible. The application must include:

  1. Any protective equipment, supplies, training, or materials required through existing regulation such as standard machine guarding or personal protective equipment.
  2. Number of employees that will participate in the project.
  3. A timeline for the project implementation and review of results.
  4. Other entities involved, if applicable.
  5. Amount of grant funding sought and how the funds will be spent. This also includes whether the request seeks reimbursement or cost-sharing.
Applicants must
  • Allow IMWCA to share the results of the safety study grant with others so they can benefit from your success and key findings. This information may be shared with, but is not limited to, other members of the pool, agents, IMWCA staff, the general public and the media.
  • If awarded, agree to comply with all reporting requirements below.
  • Members receiving a grant will also need to submit a resolution from the governing body that supports the project before Safety Study Grant funds can be committed to a project.
  • Applicants must use grant funding to implement a safety study that seeks to end or reduce incidences of workplace accidents that have resulted in workers’ compensation claims over the prior two years.
Reporting requirements
  • Six-month implementation report: Submit a report detailing the steps taken to implement the safety study during the six-month period of time following the grant being awarded. This will include details on how the grant funds were spent.
  • One-year outcomes report: Submit a report detailing the impact of the safety study one year after the grant was awarded. This report will require an expenditure summary and receipts.
Approval requirements
  • The individual submitting the full grant application will be notified via email when the application is received and the next steps in the process will be provided.
  • The application will be reviewed for completeness. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Complete applications will be evaluated by a panel of members. This committee will determine which applicants will be awarded IMWCA Safety Study Grants. The Committee will inform all applicants of their selection or non-selection.

Applications for the Safety Study Grant will be evaluated as they are received. The process will evaluate the impact or potential impact on the member’s safety efforts, including how many people it can affect and its longevity. The process will also consider cost-effectiveness, use of intergovernmental collaboration and innovation.

  • How significant the risk is to your employees’ health and safety. Additional consideration will be given to those organizations seeking to address the top three workplace injury causes either by most incurred or cost.
  • How well the safety study grant addresses the root cause of the safety hazard.
  • How well the safety study grant will address the safety hazard over time.
  • How easily the safety study grant can be implemented. Safety study addresses changes to the employees’ environment with limited training will be rated more highly than safety initiatives that require ongoing training.
  • How easily can the results of the safety study grant can be replicated.
  • More innovative safety study grant will be given additional consideration (e.g., integrating technology to address a hazard).
  • How the organization can sustain implementation of the project.
Entry Deadline

Applications are due in the IMWCA office by the end of April. However, applications are evaluated as they are submitted, with money and awards presented throughout the year. In other words, submit your application early for the best chance at being recognized.


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