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Sample Slip and Fall Prevention Manual

Last Updated 06/11/2021

Injuries related to slips, trips, and falls account for approximately 25% of the number of annual claims in the IMWCA pool. Some of these injuries can be quite serious and impact the quality of life for the injured employee.

In fact, this issue is one we do not have to accept as employers or as employees since many of these injuries are preventable. How do we prevent these incidents? A key component is to develop  an employee awareness plan to “daylight” the issue and foster communication. This cannot be a once a year activity. These incidents happen through the year and it is important to keep the issue at the forefront throughout the year.

The goal is to help your employees identify and address the various factors that lead to slips, trips, and falls. These can be seasonal issues, general housekeeping needs,[b7]  and basic human behaviors. Increasing awareness and understanding often results in reduced frequency and severity of the incidents.

Given the prevalent number and costs of claims due to slips, trips and falls, the Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association (IMWCA) has developed this program using industry information to assist our members in developing and implementing strategies proven to prevent slip, trip and fall injuries. While the emphasis of this information is to protect employees from work-related injury, some of this information can also be used to prevent slip, trip and fall incidents involving the public visiting your buildings and facilities.

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