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Posted - September 27, 2023
What happens when an injured worker retains and attorney? How do you protect yourself from rabies? Read about board...
Posted - September 13, 2023
Read about Employee Assistance Programs and member highlight: City of Perry.
Posted - August 30, 2023
Learn more about ending seasonal employees, upper management participation and Board Member, Kelly J. Hayworth.
Posted - August 17, 2023
What is a pharmacy benefits manager? What should be done when an injury is reported at work? Why is...
Posted - August 2, 2023
Read about how to handle the heat, IMWCA's new safety mentor program and the programs and devices that need...
Posted - July 20, 2023
Read about personal protection equipment, benefits of a return to work plan and tips for safe driving.
Posted - July 5, 2023
Read about plants and insects, member highlight: Hancock County and new LEARN classes
Posted - June 21, 2023
Read about fireworks safety and proper disposal and employment law posters.
Posted - June 7, 2023
Read about heat exhaustion, job hazard analysis and payroll audits coming soon.
Posted - May 24, 2023
Read about UV treatment risks and noise level risks.
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