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Model Programs

Blood-borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Procedures Model.doc​
​Confined Spaces-Permit Required.doc Download​​
​Designated Healthcare Provider Policy.doc Download
​Designated Healthcare Provider Request for Proposal.doc​ Download
​Gen​eral Safety Manual.doc ​Download​
​General Safety Manual and ​Download Zip​
Hazardous Communications Program.doc Download
​Hearing Conservation.doc ​Download​
​Lockout/Tagout Model Program.doc Download
​Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).doc ​​Download​
Personal Safety Action Plan.doc Download
​Physicians Assessment Form.doc Download​​
​Respiratory Protection Program.doc Download
​Return-to-Work Agreement.docx Download
​Return-to-Work Program.doc Download
​Return-to-Work Now ​Learn More
​Return-to-Work - Temporary Modified Policy.docx ​Download
​Safety Self Audit.doc Download
​Seasonal Employee Orientation Program.doc ​​Download​
​Seatbelt/Restraint Model Policy.doc Download
​Training Matrix.xls ​Download​
​Work Status Report.docx ​​Download​

​​Additional Resources

​​Bloodborne Pathogen Presentation.pptx Download​​​
​Bloodborn Pathogen Quick Reference Guide Learn more
​Employee Handbook Checklist.docx Download​
​Excavation Safety Guide.pdf ​​Download​
​OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Fact Sheet Learn More​
​OSHA Hazard Communication Quick Card.pdf Download
​OSHA Injury Reporting Reminder Postcard.pdf Download
Resource Guide for Safety Coordinators Learn More
​Slip, Trip and Fall Handbook.pdf Download
​Solid Waste Manual.pdf Download​
​Solid Waste Related Injuries.xlsx​ Download​​
​Training Planner Matrix Download​
​2016 One Day Safety University
   OSHA Presentation​
   Total Worker Health Project Presentation​

​2017 Regional Workshops ​​PPT or PDF​
​2017 Solid Waste Safety Workshop
   IOSHA Upodate.pptx
   LithiumIon Battery-Des Moines Fire Dept.pptx
   LithiumIon Battery Safety NFPA.pdf
   LithiumIon Call2Recycle.pdf
   SCISWA Online University Information.pdf
   Solid Waste Ambassador Safety Presentation.pptx​
Model Programs for Firefighters​ are also available.​​​​​

Working with Model Programs

All the versions of Word are a little different, but the instructions below can provide guidance in customizing IMWCA model program documents.

1. Remove the Watermark (IMWCA | Model)
  • ​Found under “Page Layout”.
  • Choose “Remove Watermark.”
IF not found there, try:
  • ​“Design” tab of Word.
  • “Watermark” and “Remove Watermark”, which is at the bottom of the dropdown.
2. Update the Revision Date in the Footer
Remember when you last updated or reviewed the policy by changing the “Rev:” Date in the Footer of the Model programs.
  • Double-click on the footer.
  • Then use the date (at least the month and year) of the last review or update.
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