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How to Report a Claim

​Claims reporting through Company Nurse provides members access to 24-hour claims reporting and medical recommendations (triage) from a registered nurse. 

To report a claim through Company Nurse, call 1-888-770-0928 and use group code: IMWCA.
To enroll in the program fill out this client information template.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Should I call Company Nurse after every workplace injury?
A: Yes, every injury should be called in to Company Nurse BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE LEAVES THE JOB SITE. This will immediately provide injury information to Safety and Risk Management personnel on every injury. This is a 24/7 service, including all holidays.
Q: What about obvious emergency situations for severe injuries?
A: In all life‐ or limb‐ threatening situations, call 911 or transport directly to the ER immediately. Call Company Nurse with any information that you have once the situation has stabilized.
Q: What if we don’t think this injury needs to be treated, should we call anyway?
A: Yes. It is always best to follow the advice of the RN at Company Nurse and get treatment sooner rather than later. Minor injuries are often referred to seek treatment within 48‐72 hours. If the employee refuses to seek treatment, that will be documented in the incident report.
Q: If employee does not want to call Company Nurse, should we call in anyway?
A: Yes. Call with the information that you have; try to include where the employee was treated if that is the case. The reports will be forwarded to your Risk Management and/or Human Resources department and the claims adjuster for appropriate action.
Q: The Employee has already been treated by their own physician prior to reporting the injury. Should we call it in?
A: Yes. It is best to have the employee with you and get as much information as possible about where the treatment took place so the nurse can include that information in the report.
Q: If we think this is a fraudulent claim, should we tell the nurse?
A: Yes, tell the nurse that you think this claim should be questioned along with any information you have that may support your opinion.
Check out this flowchart or this video, both illustrate the reporting process.
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