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Who We Are


We work to keep the communities of Iowa working, helping them foster a true culture of safety by providing workers' compensation coverage and risk management resources to our cities, counties and government entities.

Our History

The Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association (IMWCA) was formed in 1981 according to Chapter 28E of the Code of Iowa. The initial effort to organize was coordinated by the Iowa League of Cities in response to numerous cities having their coverage canceled by standard insurance carriers. IMWCA began offering coverage to cities July 1, 1981.

The program was restructured in 1987 to allow counties to join the association and in the 1990s, other 28E entities and political subdivisions were deemed eligible participants.

Administrative services continue to be provided by Iowa League of Cities staff members who pride themselves in offering unparalleled personal service and understand the unique challenges faced by local governments. Today the predominant number of cities, counties and other governmental organizations in Iowa choose IMWCA for coverage of more than 49,000 employees.

Learn more about our services in that area of this site.

Partners & Affiliations​

The Iowa League of Cites (League) was instrumental in the foundation of IMWCA and has endorsed the program from its beginning. They also contract with our Board of Trustees to provide all administrative services for IMWCA.

The Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC), an association serving Iowa’s 99 counties, also endorses us.

County Risk Management Services, Inc. (CRMS)​ provides marketing services to Iowa counties for both IMWCA and the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP).  CRMS works exclusively through local insurance agents to provide workers' compensation, property and casualty and coverage packages designed to meet each county's needs.

Both the League and ISAC work with U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance (U.S. Communities), a national purchasing cooperative that provides procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education institutes, and nonprofits looking for the best overall supplier government pricing. This is one resource for IMWCA members looking to update PPE, equipment and other supplies.​​​



Q: What sets IMWCA apart from a standard insurance company?
A: We are an association whose members have ownership and control of their own business. They join together not to make a profit, but to keep the cost of their workers’ compensation coverage at stable and affordable levels. We help members accomplish this by pooling their premiums together to fund losses and by helping them to implement sound safety and loss control programs to contain costs.

Q: What happens to the money left over after all claims and expenses have been paid?
A: Any money not used to pay claims and expenses remains with us as surplus to fund future catastrophic claims. If a surplus substantially exceeds an actuarially sound figure, a distribution may be made to current members according to a formula that contemplates members’ premium and claims experience of past years.

Q: Are there other advantages of membership?
A: Of course. We provide coverage exclusively to local governments. Our staff, employees of the Iowa League of Cities, are very familiar with government operations and understand the inherent risks of the jobs performed by city and county employees.

Our staff is also highly committed to providing unparalleled service to IMWCA members in all areas. We work with members to provide guidance on underwriting, loss control and claims issues, offer education and training opportunities throughout the year and publish a monthly newsletter to keep members updated.

Q: What else should I know?
A: First, we’re governed by a nine-member board of trustees comprised of elected and appointed officials chosen from and elected by the membership. As a self-insured risk pool, we were created for our members and controlled by our members.

We’re audited annually by an independent auditor and assisted in rate-setting by a national actuarial firm. You can even view those audited financials on this Web site.

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Phone: (800) 257-2708
Fax: (978) 367-2862
Administered by the Iowa League of Cities